Félicette Video

Jutta Harather
Vienna Based Visual Artist

Félicette - was the first cat to have been launched into space. In the 1960s, scientists wanted to understand how the lack of gravity would affect animals, these animals went through the same intensive training as human astronauts. Ultimately, Félicette was chosen for the mission over 13 other cats in training partially due to her calm disposition. The mission was a sub-orbital flight, and lasted 13 minutes, Félicette was recovered safely after the capsule parachuted to Earth; she was euthanized three months later so that scientists could examine her brain.

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The story of Félicette - out of all the animal astronauts stories - seems to be the most twisted over the years. While already killed, out of scientific curiosity, a post card from her journey was published, with a paw footprint as her signature. Later her real gender was camouflaged, to become a male cat named Felix. She and many other non-human served involuntarily in space to test the survivability of spaceflight, before human spaceflights were attempted. This movie is ment to memorate the burdensome legacy of space science.